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today is 1st RAMADHAN!!
Saturday, 21 July 2012 • 16:30 • 0 comments

HEY KORANG!!! today is 1st ramadhan!! haha..ramadhan kembali lagi ^^..hmm..nice to sambut n dapat buat lagi ibadat dah x sempat ntah lew.. =.= [dont wanna think of it^o^]
yea!! ada lagi 3 jam ++minit je tuk buka puasa...i'm so sleppy sebenarnye...bored jugak...[dont mind if i do] huh,nak ulangkaji,lagilah!! [hello!!! please rr some revision or read is not my thing..huh..FYI, i hate reading n doing things like homework...well?? sape suke beb!!]
tolong kk..not a single person like doing thing,but they love to go lazy n all!! <3 [now i'm talking babey!!]
hoho...dah macam gile skit bila puasa ny..well..,first day pulak 2 puasa...nak tunggu sebulan lagi kowt baru i'm find!! hoho..

hey korang,korang penah x rase camne i felt...selalu kena paksa baca buku,do revision. .dont be lazy by ur parents??

of course nye korang pun penah rase kan??!!
well..itulah lumrah hidup..nak wat camna..

reading,do revision,do homework,do home chores. .is so not our favourite thing kan?? well..mesty rr..
our favourite thing is like surfing the internet
*klu boleh cam nak masuk je lam 2 kan!! hihi ^o^

landing in bed hearing music
*well..realese gak lew tension..hoho >o<

lepak2 ngn frenz
*contoh in classroom is the best place..tetambah bile cikgu x de ann?? riuh cam gambar 2 lew kan!! ^_6

well,it is sorts of thing that we like kan..but,kitew xleh la buat cam2..
kitew tetap kena buat chores,because it may help us in the future..

kite still nak jadi org yg berjaya kan..klu kita nak jadi kita still have to learn things...such as,

do homework
*althought x ske kena gak...[jgn nak manjekan diri 2!!]

and much more,kitew kena la buat..jgn nak tunggu n be lazy..kena kuat kan keazaman n berusaha kk

tetambah bualn puasa ny..kena la berusaha lagi...bagi all teh effort!!

so,that is what i can say for today..but i'll continue writing things for my readers...bope u all enjoy today in what i gave u..^^ so,SELAMAT MENYAMBUT BULAN RAMADHAN/BULAN PUASA
 ^^ WELL..SO LONG!! :*


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