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Actually, i'm tooooooo lazy to edit this cbox part for now but anyway, thank you for bw here ^^ and you might just leave you footsteps in the comment until this part is fixed by me..


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kawan sekadar kawan!
Thursday, 5 July 2012 • 16:12 • 0 comments

hye korang^^ we met again, always lew =.= in the CYBER WORLD..other side of the REALITY WORLD that is so!!      so!!     so!!     so!! cruel!! huh!!! i hate it!! because it hurt me more then i asked for!! huh..tolong rr..for real beb!! hmm...well..while we're talking all things around us...let say like..., ada frenz kowang uhh...well,dye cam fine jew,. . . . . . . . .but,korang yg not so well because what she/he done to u is so,x selesa 4 korang!! korang!!

korang tahu x!!
                            ~i feel just the same like u guys!!~

haha..^.^ fun to have some yg tahu apa yg kita rasa..boleh kongsi masalah,n rasa yg mungkin org sekeliling kita x faham..
well,korang tahu x?? =.= almost 90% of my friend or person yg sekeliling me[filzah] yg x faham me[filzah]...
ada yg kata i'm CRAZY!!! da!! it just sometime kk..tolong rr..sometime we need to have fun in life right?? yoo!! while we having fun,we must have all the fun before the fun go away n leave u with sadness kk..huh,ny nak tanya kk..korg ske kew sadness?? huh..well,i know the answer..NO!!!! so,have fun la...while u still can have some of it..susah sangat kew nak have n in the same time understand what will u face bila ''FUN'' is already gone??

it's not that hard kan??
huh...bila sadness datang plak,... korang terus nak hilangkan sadness kan??but,korang sedar x yg kadang2,dalam masa yg sama. . . korang dah hilangkan sesuatu yg milik korang...huh,i know..sometimes,i pun sendiri x sedar yg i dah hilang mendew 2..hmm,sebab 2 la..people hate me...when i mad or angry yg GILEW2 punye,huh. . .

sori rr,...memang x dew penghalang tuk kemarahan 2 rr...amarah yg amat terlampau sampai i have nothing to think kecuali MARAH!!

& MARAH!! lagi...huh...because of that frenz hate me...well..nothing can i say...sometime,i just selfish n think that everyone like me...n kadang2., i ske tindas org 2...
well,i admit it!!

~susah sangat ke nak be my fren!!~

huh :'( haha..

sorang je yg understand me, i mean REALLY understand me so well...of BFF afiqah[siti nurafiqah bt abdullah] ^^ haha...she really understand me so r out of me...althought sometime she still x faham me..but secara keseluruhan...she's the one understand me 99.90% <= this well..

afiqah taw,apa yg me[filzah[ kurang...apa yg lebih..^^ apa yg jahat...apa yg baik...hmm ^^ huh, (arhh!! always must be BUT !!)
sekarang we still frens just a bit far..she's in other school,in other area of houses.. :'(
huhu...we shared ur prob..^^
not like someone 2!! asyik2..,nak menang!! nak everthing that i can have!! huh,tahu la u dont have the thing that i have,so!! huh,she also layan me [filzah] cam smaller then her!! WHF!!
hey!! i 'm older then u kk!! tolong r!! suck u!!

ok rr korang^^ this is the last for me today ^^ haha
bukan for ever the last from me kk!! ^^ it just,im so TIRED!!
HUH,baru balik sekolah terus datang CYBER WORLD..ape kes,,,ngantuk siot!,
tomorrow maybe?^^
I'll see u here ^^ haha [cam date lew plak!! ><]
buh baii!! ^^


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