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Friday, 9 September 2016 • 18:47 • 0 comments

Assalammualaikum & Hi...

Memula, rindu nak menaip.. tapi itulah masalahnya, MALAS.. hahaha... huh, rindu jadah fil.. hang report pun tak start lagi nakkkkkk~ nasiblahhhh...

Btw, baru seminggu start reja dekat kulim golf country & resort and i had a lot of fun.. haha, the people there are nice... sooooo, harini malas nak bukak cerita pasal tempat praktikal baru ni.. 

Harini nak cerita pasal HATI....

Hati ialah sesuatu yang sangat sensitif, susah nak jaga, dan senang terabai... so, apa cerita aku dengan hati? Nampak kan tajuk entri??? "hati tisu"... 
Jadi, apa pulak istilah hati tisu ni? Istilah ni wujud berdasarkan fakta jadah tahh... tapi apa yang aku tahu, hati tisu means, you have a sensitive heart and well, you would always take something as a deep matter.

Hahahaha, aku tulis pasal hati tisu harini sebab aku rasa sejak dua menjak kondisi hati aku menjadi parah ni, aku dah jadi HADIK HATI TISU...
Why would i say that?? because i took everything as a deep matters. Even, it's actually not meant for
disebabkan hati aku semakin menjadi hati tisu.. aku pun tak boleh nak kata apalah.. maybe sebab banyak fikir dan asyik sendirian jaa.. that's why it turns into HATI TISU...

Disebabkan hati tisu aku yang cepat sangat basah ni..... i think this is the first time EVER aku gaduh teruk dengan bff aku.. well, you know what i said to myself??

ego leads to disturction.. nice job dear self "

tepukkan gemuruh untuk diri sendiri laa.. disebabkan hati tisu ni jugak, ditambah pulak dengan ego aku time tu.. hmph, makin teruk la kami bergaduh...
urh, it's actually nothing punnnnnnnn~ but. . . 

but i don't know why!! why i was so hurt when i read the chat she send me at that time.. the way she maybe not meant to say it to me.. it was rough for the the first time.. ingatkan nak let go like always laa.. but, this time.. it's not the same.. i just can't accept it like i did before.. 

hm, i know she's still the same person i used to know 7 years ago.. but, little by little. . . .she started to change even if she doesn't notice it... 

hey, people are like seasons right?? hahaha.. that's what they say.. not me ^.^
anyway, i don't blame her.. she's my BFF kowt.. of course i can't stay mad at her like, for days or month.. i just can't... and yeahhh, maybe it's my fault and her's or it's just all mine.. 

aku cuma harap, situation kami akan berubah laa.. from the cold to the warm and cozy like always.. hm.. or maybe my hopes are just too high?? //chuckles//
hmmm //sigh//... soooooooo, sekianlah untuk sekarang! hehe.. 


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