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" Before you judge me, know this. I was born to be TRUE and not to be PERFECT "


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Fall For You Cover
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 • 21:28 • 0 comments

ya allah...korang dengar lew! dengar lew...suara diorg buatkan aq gila2kan suara cam2!! WTH!!!
OMG!! i hate THEM!!

*them..yg aq postkan kat korang sal lagu2 2 lew! suara lew...ya allah...cemburu aq!!

btw,diorg yg buatkan aq gila suke lagu2 diorg yg covered ny!!..althought lagu artis nyanyikan lain kan...but diorg buatkan cam diorgnye rythm kowt...huh...siot!

enjoy!! ^^


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