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" May all of us are blessed with prosperous life ahead "


Actually, i'm tooooooo lazy to edit this cbox part for now but anyway, thank you for bw here ^^ and you might just leave you footsteps in the comment until this part is fixed by me..


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If I Die Young - The Band Perry - Cover by Michael Henry & Justin Robinett
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 • 21:13 • 0 comments

hey korang!! hari ny baru nak update balik..^^ hari dah puasa kew 5 kan/????^^ good!! 24 days to go!! <3
ok...i know kebanyakkan nye post aq kali ny sumew video lagu ann?? ny kan minah ratu....jiwa MUSIC!! ^^ haha...well..masa aq tengah cari lagu BEAST....,aq ternampak diorg ny,...yg berisi skit 2...MICHAEL HENRY n other one is JUSTIN ROBINETT...well..diorg memang cool...well..lagu2 yg diorg bawa memang same lyrics...but!! not the same rythm..^^ thats what me make interested in them ^o^ well...lagu the band perry ny...diorg nyanyi memang cam lagu diorg beb!!
for real,...sebab 2 lew,aq jelez ngn org yg ade suara merdu ny...sebab bilew aq nyanyi =.= mesty hujan...huhu...well,aq 'KEN' ibarat kan katak yg memanggil hujan..huhu!!
2 la gelarang kawan aq kasi at aq!! sampai hati diorg kan?!! huhu/...well..i know la my voice kind of cartoons voices! but u dont have to reminded me about it..n stop me from singing !


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