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" May all of us are blessed with prosperous life ahead "


Actually, i'm tooooooo lazy to edit this cbox part for now but anyway, thank you for bw here ^^ and you might just leave you footsteps in the comment until this part is fixed by me..


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The Band Perry - If I Die Young (Pop Version)
Sunday, 22 July 2012 • 15:46 • 0 comments

hey korang...sori taw..sehun,kai ngn suho x leh post agi lew =.=huhu///diorg kate ade prob lew =.= sori kk..but...layan rr lagu the band perry (pop version) best lew!! ntah i penah post kew x..haha..^^ lupa dah/..but lyan tuk korang nye perasaan..perasaan yg sedih bila dengar insyaallah baik balik lew hati 2..^^


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