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to young doesn't mean i explore the world
Friday, 31 August 2012 • 11:51 • 0 comments

hye guy! assalammualaikum to the muslim ^^ well, aku rasa nak bosan tiap-2 hari. . so i was thinking of taking a break for a while and enjoy life just to fill my free time with ''EXPLORING THE WORLD!'' ^^ well....amacam?? cool x???haha...been as a teenager is just hard but it is getting more harder day by, i was thinking to take a vacation around the world!! to show korang betapa indahnya ciptaan Allah SWT [my god] hope korang suka my blog, i.m just gonna say this show/segment as 'visiti the world with [owner of the blog a.k.a me] filzah!! ~ ',what do u guys think???
*amacam?? cool x korang rasa??? hmm^^ tapy korang faham kan,i'm not REALLY GOING on the VACATION...well.. ^^, vacation just on the internet je la.. [jgn rasa korang tertipu plak..sebab aq just nak korang tahu the world with me^^]
ok la 2 kan??? cun la idea aq..haha..^^ kita akan mulakan perjalanan kita mulai hari ini!! haha..nak start packing things to go!! love yahh!!,korang memula nak pegi mana??? well, i was think of going to GERMAN!! ok?? [walaupun korang x suka!! >< i dont care! jom pegi!] visit GERMAN!!~~ pun rasa GERMAN cam x best jew...tapi, i dont think so ^^ well, sebab 2 la first place that we are going is GERMAN...we gonna explore thing aroung GERMAN and see how beautiful it is! ^o^ let's keep going!!
untuk yg membaca sekarang^^ mari bersama2 kita mengenali dunia kita dengan mata sendiri ^^..
~ see yah in my next post at my blog!! ~
                              ~: just at the same time :~
*bye to school [sementara je!^^''] and hello! the world!!


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