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~.GERMAN.~ vis!t th3 w0rlD w!th m3!
Friday, 31 August 2012 • 21:16 • 0 comments

hey korang!! dah packing kew?? dah naik flight nak gy GERMAN kew? yuhhuu... ^^  kite [aq lew! ] dah sampai!! haha^^ [mulai sekarang I use english word ok ^^]

*lotak gambo nak kasi nampok real nyeh hah!!
haha...[gambo 2 gambo at tempat lain lew >.<]
ok...german3. . .wah3. . akhirnya dah sampai aq ea!! [dalam mimpi lew dapat pijakkan kaki di GERMANY^^'] hmm... korang2 semua dah sampai ke belom kat GERMAN ny??!!
haha...ok2,jap ea...nak ucapkan kata2 aluan pertama dalam BAHASA GERMAN[?!] tuk semua!
hallo alle ... mein Name filzah .... endlich mein Fuß im Land tramp, die sehr schön sein Deutsch gesagt ... Ich hatte gehofft, dass alle Deutsch Menschen in guter Gesundheit...^^ [ without wasting more time now i'm going to visit deutsch a.k.a GERMANY] ^^

hello semua...nama saya filzah....akhirnya saya dapat memijakkan kaki saya di negara german yang dikatakan amat indah...saya harap semoga semua rakyat german sihat sejahtera...
lassen Sie uns über Deutsch...^^
mari kita bercakap megenai german...^^
+.~ a little info about GERMAN [deutsch]
sources from:-

first we are going to talk about Berlin. . .
Berlin, Germany, is the third most visited place in Europe, and it fascinates young and old, history buffs and art lovers, architecture aficionados and underground clubbers alike. Wherever you go, you experience the pulsating life of Berlin: in over 170 museums and art galleries, in 300 clubs and 7,000 bars and restaurants - many of which are open around the clock...When you walk through the city, you'll be struck by the variety of architectural styles, ranging from palaces, to the remnants of socialist buildings and modern skyscrapers.
*the skyline of BERLIN
die Skyline von berlin

Berlin - Facts:-

  • 3.4 million inhabitants
  • Divided into 12 districts
  • Almost 500,000 residents are of foreign nationality, with 14,000 Americans living in Berlin
  • Situated in eastern Germany, about 44 miles west of the border to Poland
Berlin also known as the best dining out...
here's a few facts about berlin's best restaurants...
There are so many great places to eat in Berlin, and it sometimes seems a bit overwhelming to pick the right spot. Here is a selection of some of the best Berlin restaurants that will satisfy even the most ardent foodies. From regional German cuisine, to high-class French fare, there is something for every taste and every budget.
Restaurant Tim Raue is the one of the best restaurants in berlin...
Restaurant Tim Raue
*infront of the restaurant tim raue
One of Germany’s top chef’s, Tim Raue, was long associated with the gourmet cooking of Hotel Adlon in Berlin; in September 2010, the chef de cuisine left the prestigious hotel and together with his wife opened up their own restaurant.
The Asian inspired Restaurant Tim Raue, which is located in the district of Kreuzberg just around the corner from Checkpoint Charlie, quickly earned its Michelin star and became the talk of the town.
Restaurant Tim Raue, set in a former gallery, is still reminiscent of a modern art space. It has poured asphalt floor, high ceilings and tall windows looking out onto the bustling street, white walls with modern paintings, and a blue couch encircling the restaurant. The space is modern and minimalist, yet comfortable.
An important factor to the relaxed feel of the gourmet restaurant is the staff; from the sommelier to the waiters, Raue’s highly professionally staff is young, good-humored, multilingual, dressed in sneakers and a cool uniform created by a Berlin designer. The guests at Restaurant Tim Raue are a nice mix of young and old, and at lunch time, even families come here to feast on Raue’s gourmet creations.
Besides the avant-garde take on Asian cuisine, it’s the chef himself who draws people into the restaurant. Raue is both passionate and easy-going but is his personal story has been everything but easy; before finding his calling in cooking, Raue had a rough childhood and was a member in a street gang in Berlin Kreuzberg.
Today, Raue frequently travels to Asia to dive into food markets and restaurants to combine the best of three worlds: Japanese product perfection, Thai aromas and Chinese kitchen philosophy. As a result, Raue’s dishes are light and healthy – you’ll find many exotic aromas and ingredients, but no sugar, dairy, gluten, or carbs like rice, bread, or pasta on your plate.


The Food

Peking Duck Tim Raue
Peking Duck Interpretation Tim Raue
Copyright: Andrea Thode
You can choose between the Menu Unique (6 courses, lasting between 3-4 hours), a lighter seasonal menu (4-6 courses), or eat a la carte. I opted for the latter and ordered some of Raue’s signature dishes; marella shrimp, hamachi fish, and his famous Peking duck interpretation TR. To open the palate, my meal started with a translucent dashi, a seafood based stock, which was delightfully intensive – and a sign of things to come.
My first course was a creation in pink and red; the marella shrimp had a light and lemony taste and was arranged symmetrically on a bed of a summery tomato-coriander relish; soft honey tomatoes, topped with crispy galgant, a type of ginger, made the dish complete. Raue arranges his dishes with great precision, and they are alive with bold colors; the chef loves shopping and fashion, and his cooking is inspired by bright colors and interesting textures.
The next dish was again a work of art: smooth hamachi, Japanase yellow tail, on top of a creamy and ever so sweet elderberry sauce, adorned with by deep purple dots of curry-red cabbage sauce with velvety carrot and parsley vegetables.

The highlight of my dinner was the Peking duck interpretation Tim Raue – and a unique interpretation it was. The centerpiece of the dish was the Peking duck, thick and juicy with a thin crispy edge. It rested on a buckwheat pancake, filled with apple sauce and surrounded with a five spice sauce. The dish was completed by foie gras on ginger paste and a very intense soup of duck’s tongue, heart, stomach and ginger.
Dinner ended light with a refreshing mix of marinated blueberries and green coriander sorbet infused with sake punch. Another exquisite dessert was the combination of amedei porcelana, 70% cocoa bittersweet chocolate, with star shaped kaki fruit and blood orange sorbet.

If You Go

Interior of Restaurant Tim Raue
Interior of Restaurant Tim Raue
Copyright: Wolfgang Stahr

Top quality ingredients, intense aromas, and bright colors - Tim Raue’s complex cuisine leaves you deeply satisfied without feeling too full.
The atmosphere, wait staff and finally the chef de cuisine himself take out the stiffness of gourmet dining and achieve a fun and relaxed attitude without sacrificing professionalism. A unique dining experience.
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday – Saturday noon – 2 p.m., 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.
  • Address: Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26, 10969 Berlin
  • Reservations recommended: via phone +49 30-25937930 or online
  • Website Restaurant Tim Raue

Menu unique (6 courses) 148 euros
Lunch: 2 course menu 28,00 euros; 3 course menu 38,00 euros; 4 course menu 48,00 euros; 5 course menu 58,00 euros;
sources from :-
selain daripada itu, aku [the owner of this blog] mendapati sesuatu yang menarik tentang satu artikal ini...dan akan aku, tunjukkan at korang ^^

*this is the fortune cookies at the tim raue's restaurant

When Tim Raue left to open his own place, he took all the kitchen staff bar two. And most of the front of house. And the guest data base (making an educated guess here). And most importantly, himself.
The new place, behind checkpoint Charlie and across the street from trendy Sale e Tabacchi is technically Kreuzberg but feels like Mitte. The interior looked cold and sober in the images I saw on the internet, like a Swedish airport business lounge from the 50′s. In reality, the felt fabric on the swivel chairs and banquette, the warm hued American walnut tables and the soft lighting all make it comfortable, elegant and contemporary.
It’s a large restaurant, I would guess 200 sqm, but it doesn’t feel cavernous. The furniture language changes ever so slightly as you move around, breaking up the linear monotony. It was a far cry from the very “Asian” feel of Uma which feels almost Disneyfied. As you go down the stairs to the bar and toilettes, there is a wall crammed full of chinese type porcelain and the women’s toilet has a bright red laquer table and Yue Minjun paintings (pricey paintings these, his piece Execution became the most expensive work ever by a Chinese contemporary artist, when sold in 2007 for £2.9 million).*
*this is the toilet...can u imagine =.='this is so nice right  ^^ but i dont believe this would be the TOILET!!

The kitchen is huge, with glass fronted fridges, visible through a large glass window from the Krug table. The restaurant recommends it for parties of 4 or more and there is no extra fee levied for sitting there.
I liked the choice of waiting staff (apparently the domain of Raue’s wife). They are all real people, no waifish vacuous aspiring actresses, models or singers here, thank god! Great attention to detail, young, attentive but not intrusive. Our dinner companions were delayed flying in from Vienna, so we killed an hour chatting with our waiter and filling up on Berlin restaurant gossip and the pickled vegetables, spiced nuts, and sesame dressed field lettuce salad. I was struck by how much they adore their head chef, I had the impression that they would walk into a burning building if Raue asked them to.
Which brings us to the food. It is very different from Uma. The Japanese element has gone entirely, there is no longer a sushi menu or even shashimi type dishes on the main menu. It’s contemporary chinese, Raue describes it himself here.
It’s Michelin style, two star level almost three. The food is plated with military precision, the main ingredient surrounded by a gaggle of Lilliputian dabs, quenelles, cubes and vegetables. Foams were conspicuously absent. As were shards of things; sugar, chicken skin whatever. Jus were enriched with chicken and duck feet, something Raue himself told us one of the two times he came to our table to serve and explain the dishes. I liked that he was able to come out briefly, it was something he appeared to do for all the people who had ordered the Menus.
The boys ordered the Menu Unique and the girls ordered the Seasonal Menu (which we were told was lighter). The menus built up gradually in portion size, flavour complexity and substance. We started off with two sips of tonic and ended up with a meat symphony; duck followed by deer for the ladies and pork cheek followed by bisson for the men. I found that Raue excelled with the fish, meat and poultry dishes, drawing out and amplifying outstanding flavour.
The oddest dish of the evening was a sea slug with black truffle, charcoal, rice paper, and horseradish stuffed grapes. It was one of my husband’s dishes but he silently mimed that he was going to throw up while the waiter described it. So that the creature didn’t die in vain, I offered to eat it. One word for you on that subject…..why? There are so many good things to eat out there, why bother these poor slugs? It was chewy, musky and well you know… A SLUG! Having said that, they gave us the shells so maybe it was not a slug just a sea snail? Not sure that makes it taste better.
The chocolate desserts were the best. We not only ate the ones that came with our menu but ordered two more, I have mentioned my husband’s sweet tooth before right? The green tea macaroon was tough and the clumsiest element of the whole menu.
I won’t give you a blow-by-blow of every single dish, but I will include the pictures of all of them with captions as best as I can remember (the PDF menus on the Tim Raue website have not been updated in some time). Apologies for the grainy, yellow pictures but I wanted you to have an idea of what the dishes looked like.
*These are clearly labeled copies not originals as I had first thought.
*the first dishes is chicken soup ''tonic'' amuse bouche
*the second dishes they served is celery roll [i think so??]
*now the served us with halibut [i think] with lychees and pickled onions
[not really yummy when we heard the name of the dishes >~<]
*now we have the foreground= lobster with dumpling..
background= seaslug with charcoal,grape and radish
*next we have the sea slug with charcoal, rice paperand horseradish stuffed grape. . .
*and this is duck 3 ways (weird name right?? but delicous)
*other then that, this is the foreground= deer with beetroot,cranberries and wasabi..
and this is the background= bisson with banana cream stuffed cabbage...
*i present the blackberry ice cream with white chocolate crust pine, nuts and pine
*'the' not looking so good is green tea macarons with clementine and passion fruit
*this is the chocolate raspberry cake with marsmallow string and raspberry sorbet
sources from:-
for muslim like is the 1 of the BIGGEST PROBLEM for me to find in germany...this is what making me confuse and making me not to sureis my food halal to eat??
what is it is not??? that is the only question that has been in my head all the time when i'm in germany [maybe one day i'll go to germany]
i also wonder is there also muslim in germany, and how do the eat every day!
so, let's find out with me ^^
I linked to my sources, but note that not all sources have the same reliability level. STAT - official municipal or national statistics, EUMAP - EU Research program, WIKI - Wikipedia, NEWS - mentioned in the news.

If my readers have more information, I will be glad to integrate it into this list.

Note that in some of these cities, there are neighborhoods which have a much higher percentage of Muslims (for example: Kreuzberg in Berlin, Molenbeek in Brussels and Tower Hamlets in London) and neighborhoods with a much lower percentage.


Vienna - 8% (120,000) (NEWS)


Antwerp- 6.7% (>30,000 of >450,000) (EUMAP)
Brussels (region) - 17%-20% (160,000-220,000) [some say 33% (City of Brussels?)] (NEWS, NEWS)


Aarhus - ~10% (NEWS)
Copenhagen - 12.6% (63,000 of 500,000) ( EUMAP)


Ile de France - 10%-15% (up to 1.7 milliion) (NEWS)
Marseilles - 25% (200,000 of 800,000) (NEWS), PACA region - 20% (0.7-1.0 million of 1.5 million) (EUMAP)
Paris - 7.38% (155,000 of 2.1 million) (EUMAP)
Strasbourg - 10% (NEWS)

Berlin - 5.9% (~200,000 of 3.40 million) (
Cologne - 12% (120,000 of 1 million) (
Hamburg - 6.4% (~110,000 of 1.73 million) (

The Netherlands

Amsterdam - 24% (180,000 of 750,000) (STAT), Greater Amsterdam - 12.7% (STAT)
The Hague - 14.2% ( 67,896 of 475,580) (STAT), Greater Hague - 11% (STAT)
Rotterdam - 13% (80,000 of 600,000) (EUMAP), Greater Rotterdam - 9.9% (STAT)
Utrecht - 13.2% (38,300 of 289,000) (STAT), Greater Utrecht - 7% (STAT)
Zaan district - 8.8% (STAT)


Moscow - 16%-20% (2 million of 10-12 million) (NEWS)


Malmö - ~25% (NEWS) [percent of immigrants, foreign born or both parents foreign born: 36% (STAT)]
Stockholm - 20% (>155,000 of 771,038) (EUMAP) [percent of immigrants: 36% (STAT)]

United Kingdom

Birmingham - 14.3% (139,771) (WIKI)
Bradford - 16% (75,000) (NEWS)
Leicester - 11% (>30,000 of 280,000) (EUMAP)
Greater London - 8.5%-17% (1.3 million of 7.5 million) (NEWS, WIKI)
Luton - 14.6% (26,963) (WIKI)

Thanks to Nieuw Religieus Peil for helping collect the data.
can u all see this?? can u?? wow. . the first word that came out off my mouth..and i say, ''my muslim friends that is in the world,in this huge world is more then i can think of!! ya allah!! subhannallah!! [allah is GREAT!]''
what a, for today. . . i just post a little a bout germany and i'll countinue tomorrow^^  because i've a long day today^^ and let it continue tomorrow ...see yahh ^^


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