{ Life Is An Unexpected Journey }

Dear Allah SWT, please always give me the strength to go through the difficulty YOU put me in.

For the people who always been by my side. THANK YOU

I will always cherish the moment that has been given to me.

Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know it’s time to learn how to face things alone and never gave up.

They who believe in me, are like the diamonds that are so precious and priceless in my life.

Life are sometimes sucks, but i still have to face those suckers and bitches if i wanna survive in this wicked world.

( D R E A M C A T C H E R )

Shooting Stars.
"Luck is like a gamble"

Growing up into adulthood by days. 19 to be 20. Maybe becoming a miss chef in the future. No need to follow, just read about my boring so called life.


Bla Bla Bla. . .

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NEW year. NEW book of life. NEW chapter. NEW memories to create.
Saturday, 16 January 2016 | 16:18 | 0 comments

Assalammualaikum and hi guys!

Now it's been 2016. A new year. New book of life and new chapter to start. Also, new memories to create :D 

2015.          .....Ended.....

Wow. Masa berlalu dengan cepat kan! haha.. now dah 10 bulan aku dekat FIM dan dah nak masuk sem 3. Commercial class!! huhu T^T sekarang aku tengah cuti sem. 2 bulan beb!! lama kowt. Hm, aku masih rasa aku 18 tahun. Well, secara teknikalnya, aku memang masih 18 since birthday aku, 10 bulan dari sekarang untuk jadikan aku officially N.I.N.E.T.E.E.N. 
     Alo! dah nak masuk twenty series dah >< reality is too cruel. Hahaha. I'M NOT READY TO TURN 20 NEXT YEAR! and, kalau fikir2 balik.. Next year, i'm gonna graduate and have my diploma! then, i was planning to continue my studies in degree (i guess laa..still in planning ^^)

Kalau orang lainlah, mesti lepas grad diorang akan kerja (since my bestie are thinking to do so, meya dgn dayah nak kerja T^T) so, what's left is me who is maybe going to extend my studies to degree. Well, ayah aku dah plan nak aku amik degree and my mum agreed! Pakngah aku pun think the same. So, I just can't say no right? Urh. Memang aku nak jugak sambung ambil degree. .  but I don't know laa. I was thinking of maybe kerja setahun dua dulu then baru sambung, something like that laa. 

OK! enough of the study thing for now. Hm, apa yang aku nak cakap sebenarnya dalam entri ni ialah pasal tahun ni. 


What i would hope for this year is to be better than last year and the years before. Also, i hope myself tomorrow and in the future will be much more better than i am today. 
Ouh! mak dengan ayah aku inshaallah akan pergi Mekah tahun ni! :) aku busy rasanya masa diorang nak pergi tu cause i think i will be at my practical place. Working. So, aku harap nanti mak dengan ayah aku akan selamat pergi dan selamat balik. Semoga mak dan ayah aku juga panjang umur dan sempat melihat aku bahagia dengan masa depan aku. 

I guess that's all for now, since aku rasa aku akan lebih banyak merapu kalau tak berhenti menaip. hahaha. bye! see you guys on the next entry.

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