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February, 2019
Saturday, 9 February 2019 • 00:15 • 5 comments

Assalammualaikum & helloooo peeps! 

WOW! Literally it's been how long now since the last time i've updated my dusty blog? Hahahahahaha, i guess long enough since it's already 2019...duhhhh~

Tbh, i actually wanted to updated my blog long time agoooooo but got stuck half way through cause my baby ferrari (my precious 9y/o hp laptop) having his time of life (broke down for some reason related to audio and cant connect to the wifi) since i'm on my semester break. 
Okay, about my laptop...i know its kinda dumb since i can fix it on my own but yeahhhhhh. That googling thing just doesnt work. I'VE TRIED IT SO STOP JUDGING ME. I look through everything and the result seems like something abt the device manager/admistration just wont give me the permission to fix it cause they say it'll harm my pc something like that laa. Urh, it's complicated and i'm not really the most patient person type. So yeah. I'm using my phone to do this entry today!!!!

Soooooo, it's already february!!!!
I missed my blog so badly, but y'know...hahaha sometimes we (blogger) runs out of idea of what to write. Hence, i'm trying my best to polished back my writing skills //wink// hahaha
It's been also a month since my semester break and well it's a nice break from those bachelor life student. HAHAHAHAHA, but yeahhh. My new sem starting next week. So, wish me luck!!!! ^_^v i hope this sem wont stress me up so much and no more dumbass groupmate or something. Hahaha, insyaAllah everything is going to be smooth....right? Haha. 

Anyway, have you guys watched Dumplin? You can find it on netflix, other sites too. Well, i just watched dumplin while this semester break on xx1 lite (it's an app that you can watch movies if you dont know). 

And obviously it came from a book. //do a hair flipping xD// 
From my personal opinion, it was AWESOMEEEEEE! Well, the movie itself was a brilliant way to show how people these days are acting towards each other. I really love the storyline, and all the cast who was involved in making this movie a success. It really touched my heart when i watched this movie cause,...the people who knows me know how well physically i look like. Maybe i'm not as big as Willowdean a.k.a Dumplin in the movie, but i'm totally in her team of sizes. Hahahahahaha. This movie has taught me a lot of things and i really appreciated it. Once, i'm not that "so-confidence" kinda girl. I'm just the type that ignores other who were talking about me or my size. Just like willowdean at first, but then after watching this movie, it helps me built up my confidences and makes me proud of calling myself a beauty. (persetankan apa org nak cakap. If you dont say you're pretty/beautiful, who else gonna say that to your face? Huhhh?????)
Hahaha, well yeah i know. Everyone has insecurity. I have too! Totally still have it, but sometimes, words are just words. First, we need to have a belief. Believe in our own self and then the confidence comes next. Just start believing in ourselves helps to built up the confidences. 

Guysss, for those who still has insecurity in yourself. I suggest you to watch this movie or others which i can list it in the next entry!! :D
All of these confidence i have now, it helps me to grow into a better person and a better woman. Hahahahaha, 2019 huh?? How time flies. It doesn't feels like i'm in my final year of bachelor. Serious talk weyh. Hahahahahahaha....

Therefore, i guess i'll stop stop writing here for now. Above is a quote that i think will inspire anyone who understands the deep meaning of it. So, till next time peeps! Maybe i'll be focusing more on writing about what has built my confidences or things that motivates me and the journey of my final year in bachelor.

See you guys in next entry //mini love for everyone who spend their time on reading this lame entry// XD


Blogger Insyirah A. said...

thank you for the suggestion. might watch it later. the book looks very interesting tho hahahhaa #bookwormdetected

25 April 2019 at 15:14  
Blogger nasuha said...

roger that! the suggestion sounds good to me😍 anyway good luck in your final year!

30 April 2019 at 17:19  
Blogger Si Belahan Jiwa said...

Hahaha try laa. For me it's a good reading and a good movie. Really inspiring 🌻

2 June 2019 at 14:38  
Blogger Si Belahan Jiwa said...

Thank youuu so much 💃 insyaAllah

2 June 2019 at 14:41  
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