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Play Hard, Hustle Harder
Wednesday, 5 September 2018 • 19:33 • 3 comments

Assalammualaikum & Hello peeps!

I think it's been a longggggggggg time since i last wrote an entry. Plus, it's already SEPTEMBER~
Hahahahahaha, kinda funny since it's been awhile for me not to updating ANYTHING cause usually i would update an entry for at least once a month.

Huh, i don't know what has come over me until i don't feel like updating about anything anymore. Maybe i've lost the touch of writing T^T which once i loved the most. Or, i'm just aging //lol// 
Pfft! but who am i kidding //face palm myself// i'm just freaking lazy and i don't have any ideas what to update about. (meh.....)

So, life's been better i think. As a deg student myself, i think it's been smooth. Well, not to smooth but better in many aspects i guess. More experience, more in gaining knowledge but yeahhhh~ less in financially //lol//

STUDENT ARE FAIRLY VERY POOR SOMETIMES. NO JOKE though... hahaha, but seriously. Being a student and your financial are just barely enough are just normal from what i can say. ^_^'

Anyway, this entry are actually a draft that i've been saved for months XD well, i did say that i'm last right????

basically, this is how the entry was before until i decided to update it tonight -.-'

So, before i got more lazier than i am now, let's just post this entry okay? Anyway, maybe my kind of writing are going to change somehow but i don't know yet. 

Till next entry peeps! Adios~


Blogger Hana said...

hai selamat berkenalan :) dtg sini jalan2~

21 October 2018 at 23:38  
Anonymous Insyirah said...

*waiting for your next post* hhihihihi

22 December 2018 at 08:47  
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