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Ending of Autumn, And a Starting of Winter. . .
Friday, 3 November 2017 • 20:32 • 3 comments

Assalammualaikum & Hi peeps :) 

Bulan ni awalkan aku update blog? Hahaha..
Well, it's november now. Times flies, doesn't it?

Hahahaha, just now.. i was like, listening to BTS_21st Century Girl and suddenly something shock me.. i thought that the song was produce this year, but instead.. it was last year song.. that's how i realize that time leaves us faster than what we might imagine...

Life are short, don't you think so????
Hahaha, btw.. i just graduated and done my convocation!!!! At last... 2 year and half of some happy, some bothersome and just plain memories will remain..malas nak upload gambar convo sebab takda yang gambar sorang dan gambar tak cantik.. hahahaha.. lagipun gambar convo tak penting kan?? kihkihkih

So, just cause it's already november.. it's my birthday month!!!! hahaha, actually i'm hoping for nothing.. haha, just because if you put your expectation to high, in the ending, that was the one that would hurt you the most.. also, i'm thinking of furthering my studies now.. busy finding a job myself, so at least i still can support myself in the future by financially...

One of my not so many experiences in life, (hahaha) what can i conclude is that, just trust yourself and never to lean so much on anybody else. Cause you know why??

Some people are so suffocating in life and the more you think they are the one would be there when you're down or the one would still be there when you needed them the most, they are those the one who would leave you first in the end....
Most human being are just frustrating.. So, just believe in yourself and be the best of you...

Try to bring out the best of you so that the confidence will forever be there and you won't be alone that time... even if someone would just torn apart your faith, or just said that you're not good enough.. well, don't listen to them! they are just bullshitting you..because they know you're stronger..

Hahaha, so many rambling didn't i?

Okay, i'll stop.. but back to the not hoping , soooooo. . .hahah, maybe i have a small wishes.. 
so my wishes is just. . ,

1- my parents well-being in the future
2- financially can support myself and being independent 
3- trying to get my car license T^T
4- in the meantime, i hope i can get a stable job with stable payment..
5- less weight? (funny me..i dont wanna be skinny or something but also i dont wanna be so fat)
6- i got to do the things i like..
7- furthering my studiesssss!!!!!!!
8- vacay? maybe. . .
9- don't want to be burden by pt debt T^T
10- going abroad. . . (big wishes -_- ikr?)

HAHAHAHAHA... so much for not hoping.. ahahaha.. 
anyway, till the next entry guys :)


Blogger Nurul Rasya said...

My birthday is also in November! Yay! #novemberbabisunite

3 November 2017 at 21:35  
Blogger Raydahpunye said...

it's okay to keep hoping and never stop trying to make them real.

12 November 2017 at 00:33  
Blogger Mormor said...

aminnnn. And happy birthday! :)

27 November 2017 at 12:10  

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