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Iri hati? Jealous? Haha.
Thursday, 9 February 2017 • 11:55 • 0 comments

Assalammualaikum & Hi guys!!

Hehehe. Rindu nak update blog sebenarnya, so here i am with another chapter of my life. Hm, nak tanyalah, korang banyak tak jumpa orang2 yang fake di sekeliling korang? well, two-faced people. Kawan aku cakap, "hat jenih munafik disebalik pemakaian islam dia tu", ada jugak cakap, "jenis nampak baik, tapi semua tu b*bi doll sangat".

Well, YOU SHALL BE WARN. Today's entry is not gonna use such a lovely words. The world has gone crazy and cruel, so are my teenage life. So BARE WITH IT, or GOT LOST FROM HERE.

You know, when you grow up, you get to know people more better and you just might know which one are the bitches that trying to get you down. The best part are, those bitches are acting like they're the angel while you're the devil. 

Hahaha, sayangnya hidup aku. Sayangnya hidup kita kan? Kesian sangat.. kesian sangat2 sebab dikelilingi oleh SI MUNAFIK BERBAJUKAN ISLAM.

It's just, sometimes i don't get it. 

Okay, story time. There's this girl, (will be unnamed) first, she's fine with me. But because of this one fxxking boy, she's now hating me and spreading those damned rumors about my being around those people and what i have affected them with. 

So, here's the thing. She HATES me. She's SPREADING RUMORS. And she makes me smile even more. Hahahahaha. Okay, aku tau. Orang akan cakap aku gila. But the conclusion that i can make is that, i'm just above her, and she's trying REALLY HARD to get to the place where i am now. That's why she keeps on pulling me down to her spot. 

The thing is, I DON'T CARE. I don't even give a damn thing to know what she's up to. She's just being herself. Her-INSECURE-SELF. And for those people who had trusted her, well. . .hm. . you guys and her, can just have my sympathy easily. Why don't you just asked? I could give it more if you want it. Don't have to be so mean and pathetic. You just making me laugh harder.

I really don't wanna give a fxxk when you guys started to hate me or anything. Just that, i'm only asking you to respect me, as a human. No need to be a friend if you gonna hate me later and spreading rumors or something. Just, RESPECT. Cut the angel look on me, cause i see the real you by just one look. Respect the people who are being friend with me. They're not the one to be blamed for you shit. They did nothing wrong by choosing me as their friend (well, i guess it's maybe because i ain't fake. Ain't no plastic. So, that's why they pick me as their friend, rather than you.).

Hate all you can. I won't judge you like you did to me. It's your choice. Hate with all your heart, because you might need it. I'm just afraid your hate wouldn't help you to get over my bad side. Don't get on my bad side. Just, DON'T. You wouldn't like it if you've seen it. My cold heart can freeze your's. So, don't mess with me. 

Aku tau sebenarnya kau jealous kan? Jealous cause all the attention once you've got is now on me. You're jealous cause he choose to pick on me, rather than you. You're jealous cause he's being himself with me rather than with you? or you just jealous cause everyone like to be around me? or! you're jealous cause i'm much better than you are?

Bitch, you don't have to! Just be yourself! Be YOU! Than people will be by your side and will always be there when you needed them. Stop being jealous and be MATURE. you're soon gonna reach 20 by the end of the month, so TRY HARDER TO BE MATURE.

You need the maturity in the future, so start being like one. Stop those nonsense attitude of yours and STOP MEDDLING with my life. Live a better life, because you're just making mine much  more interesting. Hahahahahaha. Sorry to hurt you and your feelings, but i'm not sorry. It's your own fault to feel threaten by me. 

Hm. So, i guess i'm sorry. Really sorry for the bad words that i've been using. It's not really nice for an islam person to use this words, but i guess i'm just out of the line because of the anger inside my heart. But thanks to All Mighty, Allah SWT, because blessed me with an incredible father that i can never replace with. 

Allah SWT dah hadirkan ayah untuk lembutkan hati aku, untuk sedarkan aku dan ayah jugak yang dah buat aku fikir waras dan matang balik. Aamiin. Terima kasih kepada Allah SWT sebab bagi aku kesempatan untuk ada ayah macam tu. 
Jadi, sampai sini jela entri kali ni. Hahaha, sorry for those rude words above. Buhbye!! see you guys later on the next entry.


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