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Me Myself
Saturday, 28 January 2017 • 20:59 • 0 comments

Assalammualaikum and Hi :)

It's been awhile since my last post, i guess. Hahahahaha.. Someone actually tweeted me and asking me to write a new entry, so here i am today. Typing from my Ferrari (my lappy actually ^.^') and i got a new friend for ferrari! A new mouse for her/for me..

So, today's topic is about myself. I guess, i just got affected by my english lecturer, Sir. Hafiz. He taught us a lot of new things. A lot of stuff to know your own self. It's actually lovely to start learning about ourself, knowing more about ourself and understands more about our own self.

Life has been tough tho... well, human's life right? Of course there obstacles after obstacles. 
Do you guys know, opps! scratch that "Do you guys know", because obviously you guys know that we all have our own roles in life right?

Masing2 ada peranan masing2. As for me, peranan aku ialah;-
  1. menjadi seorang anak
  2. menjadi seorang kawan
  3. menjadi seorang student
  4. menjadi seorang hamba-Nya yg lemah dan sentiasa meminta
Jadinya, bila aku dalam kelas sir Hafiz ja mulalah aku banyak berfikir pasal kehidupan yang aku nak untuk masa depan aku. Hmm, kadang2 aku tgk balik hidup aku sekarang. Terasa banyak sangat buang masa untuk benda yang aku lansung tak kisah dan tak penting untuk aku sekarang. Hahaha. I'm getting to know myself a bit deeper, so i guess now i'm a bit wiser for the future. Jadi aku pun akan buat keputusan dengan fikir pasal masa depan mulai harini. Apa nak jadi in the future, aku kena terima dan redha. Kalau dapat elak, elakkan dulu. Kalau dah takdapat lari, kita terima jelah yee~~ hehe... Redha orang kata. Tawakal.

Well, Allah SWT is the best planner of all, right? So aku berserah dan aku akan usaha sedaya upaya untuk membentuk masa depan yang macam mana aku harapkan. 

Kadang2 aku heran dengan orang yang tak terfikir lagi masa depan dia. Hurm, ramai jugak yang aku kenal, yang tak fikir lagi diorg nak masa depan macam mana. Itu selalu buat aku tertanya2. Sebenarnya diorang takda apa2 yang diorang nak dalam hidup ke? Diorang takda cita2 ataupun impian ke? 

Hahaha, i maybe sound silly. Well, i like to be daydreaming of the things that i like to be in the future. There's a lot that i wanna do, like traveling to some places. Giving my parent the best moment of their life while they're still alive. Living my life the fullest. 

Living my life the fullest. Hm. Still making memories to be remembered for my old self in the future. ^^ There so much to be achieved in this age. Hm. So what is stopping me?

I guess a commitment that wasn't listed in my roles above.

Am i such a bad person? 

No. I guess. Maybe i'm just making mistakes again in taking steps in my life. 

Actually, lagu Lukas Graham yang 7Years dengan lagu Ruth B, Lost boy tu yang inspired me with something. Hahahaha. I think it's better to just making friends and just let the fate do it's job.

Destiny is something certain. Fate is something we can't escape. And Life is something we need to keep going. People will come and go. So, no big deal, right? Some stay, and some just move on from your life. Conclusion is that nothing to be sad for. Life is like that. Accept and endure. Move on and be a mature. 

So, i guess that's enough, bahahahahahaha...let's be mature and wiser. For a brighter future, okay guys?? //wink//


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