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1st released fanfic! DEAR MISS DEMURE~
Friday, 4 March 2016 • 19:53 • 0 comments

assalammualaikum and hi guys!!!

Baru-baru ni aku dah released 1st fanfic dekat wattpad!!! yea! at last, dah banyak aku buat fanfic, ni baru 1st time aku released karya aku dekat web.. untuk 1st fanfic ni, tajuknya DEAR MISS DEMURE..

hahaha, main character untuk fanfic ni aku pilih KIM TAEHYUNG! V the alien from BTS.. hahaha, actually aku dapat idea untuk fanfic ni since selalu jumpa gambar bts dekat ig.. kalau rajin, followlah INSTAGRAM ai >////////<~ haha

haa! btw, ni DEAR MISS DEMURE punya fanfic! hehe.. trylah baca.. cerita still ongoing.. since aku tak habis cuti semester lagi, aku akan try buat cerita ni sampai habis.. so, stay tune for the next chapter kk! 

okeyyyyyy~ i think that's all for now.. baca taw!! hehe.. bye! see you at the next entry!


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