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Actually, i'm tooooooo lazy to edit this cbox part for now but anyway, thank you for bw here ^^ and you might just leave you footsteps in the comment until this part is fixed by me..


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EXO-K_중독(Overdose)_Music Video
Friday, 9 May 2014 • 09:21 • 0 comments

hi and assalammualaikum to all :3 maaflah lama x update apa2 dekat blog ni >.< well, agak busy dengan exam TT^TT
so, untuk harini nak update pasal exo comeback beberapa hari lepas!!! :3 well, rasanya harini hari ketiga exo comeback XD hihi.. so, seriously! aku memang dah overdose lepas dengar lagu alahai :3 hihi.. so, korang wajib tengok bagi kpoperz sekalian!!!! WAJIB oii!!! haha... seriously best gilo :3 bagi yang tak tengok lagi, bwak2lah tengok sebab memang korang akan menjadi overdose melting lepas dengar lagu ni XD muahaha..


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