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Actually, i'm tooooooo lazy to edit this cbox part for now but anyway, thank you for bw here ^^ and you might just leave you footsteps in the comment until this part is fixed by me..


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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 • 10:04 • 0 comments

hi kepada semua!!! i'm back!! haha....dah seminggu exam berlalu...and now i'm free!! [for a while laa..^^]
korang nak tahu x??? tadikan...,baru jew berlalu sebuah perlawanan bola sepak antara kelas bagy semua pelajar lepasan tingkatan 3!!! ^^
best oo!!! terbaik antara terbaik rr diorg nyeh... 0_0
 perh...kali pertama aq bersemangat gila tengok bola live kowt!! pas2 free plak 2!! perhh...tetambah masa penalti lagi rr..!! power!! 4-1...yg 4 tu...., of course la...kelas kami!! 3 bestari!!!
haha... seronok kowt!!!

translation :~

hi all!! i'm back!! haha, well it has been a week after  an important exam that i just took..^^ and now i'm free [just for a while from studying =.=]
do you guys wanna know,just now. . . my class had a soccer match with another class for all 15 years old boys....
it was fun!! d'best i've never had!!! hahaha...well, it is a live show soccer match and it's free [of course it was fun!! >o<]
the most enjoyable part is at the penalty part!!!
but, at last, my class win the game fair and square ^o^  we won 4-1...^^
well, this is such a rememberable memories to remember...^^

*lebih kurang cam diorg rr!! ^^
*look a like them something ^^ haha
aku harap diorg teruskan berusaha dan bersemangat dalam semua perkara macam bola sepak ^^
ok...aku rasa sampai sini dulu rr aku cita at korang kk ^^ bye!!!
see you guys later!!!!


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