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~.GERMAN.~ what is interesting about about germany
Saturday, 1 September 2012 • 21:46 • 0 comments

hey all ^^ we meet again [ always meeting again =.='] hmm^^ so, how do u guys feel today??? i'm fine here...well^^ haha...bosan jugak bila cerita je mesti pasal german ^^ haha...but there are a lot f interesting place here btw ^^ nice... in malaysia time, now would be 9.14??? yup...and...in germany now is 3.13pm ^^ hahaha...still early by the way right...so, now i am going to continue my stories about GERMANY!! ^^haha.. there is a bit info i get from http://ind.timegenie.com/city.time/deber about germany more specific...^^

informasi mengenai Berlin, Jerman

  • Matahari Terbit pada pukul 6:17 pagi.
  • Matahari Terbenam pada pukul 7:56 malam.
  • Garis lintang ialah 52° 30’ N.
  • Garis bujur ialah 13° 21’ E.
  • Bertempat di zona waktu Central Europe Time.
  • Perbedaan waktu setempat dibandingkan denga UTC/Waktu Greenwich ialah +1 jam.
  • Perbedaan waktu siang dibandingkan dengan UTC/Waktu Greenwich ialah +2 jam.
  • Penghematan waktu siang dimulai pada hari Minggu, tanggal Maret 25 dan berakhir pada hari Minggu, tanggal Oktober 28. Sisa tahun mengikuti waktu setempat.
  • Perbedaan waktu sekarang dibandingkan dengan UTC/Waktu Greenwich ialah 2 jam 0 menit.
  • 5 angka kode untuk Kota Berlin adalah DEBER.
  • Informasi Mata Uang — Jerman:
    • Kode Mata Uang: EUR
    • Nama Mata Uang: Euro
    Hubungan Pendidikan:
    wikipedia.org wikipedia.org merupakan encyclopedia gratis merupakan encyclopedia gratis, yang memberikan informasi terkini:

    Flag of Germany.svg
    NameBundesflagge und Handelsflagge
    UseCivil and state flag and civil ensign Civil and state flag, civil ensign Normal or de jure version of flag, or obverse side
    Adopted23 May 1949
    DesignA horizontal tricolour of black, red, and gold.
    Flag of Germany (state).svg
    Variant flag of Germany
    NameBundesdienstflagge und Kriegsflagge
    UseState flag and ensign and war flag State flag and ensign, war flag Normal or de jure version of flag, or obverse side IFIS Mirror.svg
    Adopted7 June 1950
    Naval Ensign of Germany.svg
    Variant flag of Germany
    NameSeekriegsflagge und Gösch
    UseNaval ensign War ensign Normal or de jure version of flag, or obverse side IFIS Mirror.svg
    Adopted9 May 1956

    [Colour for Infantry Units 1936-1945 (Third Reich, Germany)]

    *this is the flags of the Germany Army in year of 1935-1945

    The design of these colors which dates from 1936 is: a square white flag with a black Iron Cross extending nearly to the edges of the flag; the cross has a silver border followed by a thinner black edge and a white fimbriation; in each corner is a black swastika. At the center of the flag is a white disk surrounded by a silver wreath and containing a black ("Army type", with wings directed downward) eagle grasping a black swastika - thus similar to the eagle that frequently appeared on Army steel helmets

    [those simbols are like the hindu's one...but i think the colour is great!]

    emblem / coat of arms of Germany
    *Emblem / Coat of Arms of Germany
    present flag of the germany army...

    flag of Berlin
    *and this is flag of berlin

    emblem / coat of arms of Berlin
    *Emblem / Coat of Arms of  Berlin

    there is a lot of thing interest about germany...but i think for today...i may stop for now...and maybe i'll continue later, because i am starving...^^

    Ich werde so weiter es morgen^^sehe euch später ... Wiedersehen.. ^^

    i'll shall continue it tomorrow^^see you guys later... goodbye for now.. ^^


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