{ Life Is An Unexpected Journey }

Dear Allah SWT, please always give me the strength to go through the difficulty YOU put me in.

For the people who always been by my side. THANK YOU

I will always cherish the moment that has been given to me.

Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know it’s time to learn how to face things alone and never gave up.

They who believe in me, are like the diamonds that are so precious and priceless in my life.

Life are sometimes sucks, but i still have to face those suckers and bitches if i wanna survive in this wicked world.

( D R E A M C A T C H E R )

Shooting Stars.
"Luck is like a gamble"

Growing up into adulthood by days. 19 to be 20. Maybe becoming a miss chef in the future. No need to follow, just read about my boring so called life.


Bla Bla Bla. . .

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a battle to fight for!
Tuesday, 2 October 2012 | 23:02 | 0 comments
hai2 for all blogger reader!! lama aku x update blog aku kan^^ haha....tu la pasal aq rindu korang semua!!! hmm...wow...pejam celik,pejam celik. . dah nak dekat pmr...huh...tidak ku sangka. . .haha,...cam lagu la pulak..hihi^^ada lagi 7 hari sebelum aq masuk dewan peperiksaan & jawab soalan pmr yg diberikan dengan betul supaya aq dapat result yg membanggakan! [cewah!! ayt ! siot toll!] apasal ngn aq nyeh ea?? haha...btw a week to go n boom!! i'm free!! haha...fuhh...penat siot sekarang....gilew x penat! school la, kelas tambahan la, tusyen la...then kena rest cukup2 la...no3!!! i hate this!! why!! why me!! huhu...penat gilew rr...aq x tahu la camne aq nak tempuhi ke hidupan nyeh...benci kowt!! huhh, but bak kata org, ''inilah kehidupan alam persekolahan buat remaja''....wow! =.=' <what the ? . ? ok2...
sekarang buzy. . .


BUZY lagi....[siot toll...ayat pelik gilew dohh!!] perhh....can someone please! please rr...please help me get out of this mess!!!! huhu....this is such a mess n it is messing up my life!...huh +_+
aq x tahu la camne aq nak hadapi lagi 7 hari dengan buku....aq benci buku!!! omg!! [oh my gucci ] sweet! >o< haha....[ aq dah x bape betul lew 2 ^^]
not hating books to much la...just school books something....i LOVE comics!!! LOVE IT!!!
haha....well2, dah cam x betul kan^^ hmphh. . .no3....i have 2 stay calm until that 'day' come...
huh, trouble banyak siot....
korang nak tahu x....aq rasa nyampah gile bilew nampak capital B, capital D ngn capital A...=,= cam dixx camnew ntah...huh...not gonna tell u guys now....^^ capital B 2 memang dixx....always...since before...haha...btw...sekarang aq rasa sampai sini jew kowt aq tell korang sal kehidupan seorg pelajar yg membosankan seperti aq ny tengah hadapi...^^
aq nak kasi korang tips sal belajar.... :(
but maybe later la kan....ok....nak sleep2 now....tata!!!!
cyunk korang gytuh [ayt gedix gilew =.=]
LOVE YAH [baru cun ayt camnyeh!! ^^] haha
ok2...tata. . . . . . . . . .

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