{ Life Is An Unexpected Journey }

Dear Allah SWT, please always give me the strength to go through the difficulty YOU put me in.

For the people who always been by my side. THANK YOU

I will always cherish the moment that has been given to me.

Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know it’s time to learn how to face things alone and never gave up.

They who believe in me, are like the diamonds that are so precious and priceless in my life.

Life are sometimes sucks, but i still have to face those suckers and bitches if i wanna survive in this wicked world.

( D R E A M C A T C H E R )

Shooting Stars.
"Luck is like a gamble"

Growing up into adulthood by days. 19 to be 20. Maybe becoming a miss chef in the future. No need to follow, just read about my boring so called life.


Bla Bla Bla. . .

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liebster award
Thursday, 23 January 2014 | 16:54 | 0 comments
I've been tagged by DO WIFEU
Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers that they have discovered .
Once nominated , all you have to do is to answer the 10 questions that was created by the one who nominated for you and inform him/her that you already answered them .

1- what is the most important to you?
my family and friends that i love so much...

2-what do you hate the most?
spiders! insects! lair! 

3-what is your ideal type?
>who can lead me when i'm feeling lost
>loving person
>funny and have a sense of humour
>know me inside and outside

4-place you want to go with your boyfriend?
a relaxing and peaceful with a beautiful scenery 

5-what is the moment that you cannot forget?
the moment that i meet all those awesome friends! *feel like wanna cry X')*
and when i know that i am actually mean something to someone :)

6-what is your favorite color?
-light yellow! 
-purplish blue! 
-light blue! 
-light and dark green!

7-who do you want to go to exo concert with? choose one of your friend..
i choose Nana :3 

8-what song do you like the most?
-baby don't cry
-the first snow
-don't go
-my turn to cry

9-what thing do you want to do?
tricky+tough question... i just wanna be happy until the last day i see the sky and the people who is under it..i also want my parents to be happy until their last breath so that they won't be worried of their childish daughter if their already close their eyes..and lastly, i wanna bring a smile to those who knew me in life so that i wouldn't regret it, if i die.. at least i've once make them smile..

10-list top 10 of you bias?

so, the question that i'm gonna give are :3

1-the is the most valueable thing that you love?
2-who is your bestfriend?
3-what kinda person that you hate?
4-what are your hobbies?
5-the food that you love?
6-what is your wishes?
7-what are the things that you wanna buy most?
8-what makes you feel better when you are upset?
9-list 10 things that love
10-give 3 reason why are you answering this question XD

and the person who i choose to be nominated are!! jang. . .jang. . . jang. . . XD

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