{ Life Is An Unexpected Journey }

Dear Allah SWT, please always give me the strength to go through the difficulty YOU put me in.

For the people who always been by my side. THANK YOU

I will always cherish the moment that has been given to me.

Sometimes when you realize there is no one by your side, you know it’s time to learn how to face things alone and never gave up.

They who believe in me, are like the diamonds that are so precious and priceless in my life.

Life are sometimes sucks, but i still have to face those suckers and bitches if i wanna survive in this wicked world.

( D R E A M C A T C H E R )

Shooting Stars.
"Luck is like a gamble"

Growing up into adulthood by days. 19 to be 20. Maybe becoming a miss chef in the future. No need to follow, just read about my boring so called life.


Bla Bla Bla. . .

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Dalmatian MV - That Man Opposed [english sub, hangul & romaji]
Saturday, 23 June 2012 | 20:55 | 0 comments

hye2...i'm back with a new music in my saving...haha XD
joking jew u all ^^ haha...assalammualaikum kepada semua umat islam n hi to all that is a human being...klu alien i dont know lew..haha :D

haha...dah lama x update blog...well.., org x bayo broadband lew katekan hahax =.=
so....now i bring you DALMATIAN!!!
this is a new group la if i didnt mistaken lew..hoho..owhh..u know me...i'll always do mistake...well...secara psikonye, semua manusia sentiasa lakukan kesilapan kk..hoho..so, no big deal rr kk...huhu

so...,back to the topic kk..TOPIC SEKARANG IALAH dalmatian!! haha...well,i just know this group but the most important thing is...i love them!!!  <3 geudel saranghae DALMATIAN!! hahax... XD or neol saranghae!! haha...
well...firstly,i really suke lagu nyeh beb!! ntah rr...lagu style happy2 ny memang seiring n se'highway' with my rythme rr...haha...cool kowt/...alang2 ko lawat blog eden nye hah...,ko cew dengar la lagu ny!! please!!  happy virus asking for ur kindest ny!!! ^^

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